Floor Ceiling Inverter

It’s all about streamlining. Whether installed on the floor or ceiling, the power efficiencies and slim design of this unit results in cooling that looks and feels good for the business.
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Floor Ceiling Inverter
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Floor or Ceiling

Incorporates a functional design that allows it to intake fresh air and expel cooling breezes, whether its mounted on or above ground.
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Energy Efficiency

A high energy efficiency rating ensures that you can maintain optimised cooling all day long, ensuring comfort comes at an affordable cost.
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Silent Fan Operation

Well moulded plastic fan housing ensures rigidity and quiet operation, retaining the peaceful harmony of the space.
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Long-Term Durability

The high-tensile metal frame of the internal drain pan improves thermal insulation and prevents condensation, prolonging the strength and durability of the unit.
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Wide Temperature Range

Whether it’s a heat wave or chilly thunderstorm outside, our wide ambient temperature range provides unparalleled control over indoor temperature – from -15°C to 48°C.


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