Higienopolis Hotel

When the management team of São Paulo’s
TRYP Higienópolis Hotel decided to upgrade
the hotel’s outdated air conditioning system,
Hitachi Cooling & Heating’s latest generation,
SET FREE Σ system delivered on every

TRYP São Paulo Higienópolis
Hotel. A 4-star hotel, part of the
Meliá Hotels International group.
“Since we installed SET FREE Σ, we have had zero
problems and zero complaints. When our guests
are satisfied, so are we.”

Ms. Golda Boruchowski
Hotel General Manager
“Hitachi Cooling & Heating solutions deliver excellent
reliability. SET FREE Σ was the ideal solution.”

Eng. Renato Chacur

Mr. Marcelo Ribeiro
Hotel Chief of Maintenance
“Since we installed SET FREE Σ, our maintenance
and energy costs have significantly reduced.”

Key outcomes
✓✓ Full satisfaction of key stakeholders
✓✓ Quieter air conditioning and more comfortable guestrooms
✓✓ Improvement in guest satisfaction reviews
✓✓ 100% reduction in customer complaints
✓✓ Fast and efficient installation process
✓✓ Significant reduction in maintenance costs

Issues to be addressed
The TRYP Higienópolis Hotel was originally designed as an office building.
The air conditioning system, which consisted of one indoor water-cooled air
conditioning unit per room and an outdoor water tower, struggled to meet the
demands of a hotel and over time, this had become a crucial service issue.
Noise disturbance was at an unacceptable level due to location of the
compressor units in the guestroom plenum.
Obstruction of the condenser resulted in frequent system stoppage.
Chemical and dirt build-up due to inefficient water cleaning had caused
deterioration of the condenser.
Guests frequently complained and last minute room changes disrupted hotel
operations. Negative reviews posted online potentially affected the business.

Key stakeholder requirements
• Hotel Management — Deliver a greatly improved guest experience and avoid
disruption of hotel operations and guests during the installation process.
• Hotel Chief of Maintenance — Ensure a trouble-free installation process and
start-up phase. Provide complete reliability and easy maintenance.
• Project Management Team — Ensure that the installation process followed the
critical path with smooth installation and commissioning of the new system.

Our solution
The SET FREE Σ VRF system addressed all of these stakeholder requirements.
• Superior Reliability — High tolerance key components and rotational operation
of outdoor units guarantees an uninterrupted guestroom controlled temperature,
even in the unlikely event of individual unit failure.
• Smooth Installation Process — A transitional installation plan allowed for retrofitting
of three floors at a time. This ensured that the hotel could operate normally
with minimal disruption for guests.
• Quiet Operation — RPI-series ducted indoor units deliver quiet comfort
at approximately 31 dB(A), dramatically reducing the unacceptable sound levels
of the previous system.
• Ease of Maintenance — SET FREE Σ systems are easily maintained with easy
access to key components and simplified refrigerant recovery

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